Guide to PowerShell Automation Scripting for Successful DevOps

PowerShell Automation Scripting

DevOps word itself describes its definition: Dev stands for Development and Ops stands for Operations. When Dev and Ops are merged in one single term where the software development engineer and System Administrator / Server Operation Engineer work across the entire application life cycle, it forms DevOps. So in this concept, System Administrator / Server…
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Power of Virtualization: Do More With Less

power of virtualization

In today’s IT scenario, applications are integrated with organization’s website. Mobile apps and business success depends upon how organizations provide resources to mobile users as well as their customers. To accomplish the above, organizations have to configure specific application on server, located either on their own premise or data centre on which such applications are…
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7 Ways to Increase Help Desk Efficiency

7 ways to increase help desk efficiency

It takes months to find a customer and seconds to lose one. Researches show that it costs substantially more to bring a new customer instead of retaining an existing customer. Delivering exceptional customer support not only retains your existing customer base but it will also generate more leads through referrals of your satisfied customers. To…
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