Performance & Load Testing Using Visual Studio Test Rig

Performance & Load Testing-Visual Studio Test Rig

For the real-world “usual” scenario concerning the performance testing involving 90 to 100 users is easily possible, but the limitation we face here is that the respective resources eventually get occupied. Henceforth, it becomes cryptic in the “Exceptional” scenario where the capacities of the users are on a large scale (say: 10k, 20k…nk). Well, in…
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Heroku Cloud Platform – Services and Salient Features

Heroku Cloud-Services & Features

In this blog, I would like to give highlights on some of the most exciting features of Heroku Cloud platform and would cover the following sections in detail: 1. What is Heroku? 2. Heroku Services 3. Salient Features of Heroku addons Let’s get started with ‘What is Heroku’? Heroku is a world-renowned cloud platform that…
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4 Easy Steps to Create a Serverless Application using AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is an event-driven, serverless platform provided by Amazon as a part of the Amazon Web Services. AWS Lambda is a computing service which runs code in response to events and therefore manages the computing resources required by that code automatically. Being introduced in November 2014, it has created quite an important place in the market. Let us have a glance at…
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Announcing the launch of our new website

launch of our new website

It’s here! Welcome to DEV IT’s new refreshed website designed with a brand new look. Our new website coincides with our expanding role as a global leader in end-to-end IT services and digital transformation services. Also it is in conjunction with our 20th successful year. After months of planning and brainstorming sessions, we’re excited to…
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