Codable in Swift 4


The Codable protocol was introduced in the release of Swift 4 so, now Swift 4 or later version has built-in support for working with JSON using the Codable protocol. Most commonly The JSON is using to send and receive data from web service. Swift will allow you to convert freely between that data and JSON…
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Best practices in Android Development

Android Development

Android is currently the most used OS across the world. The popularity of android applications is at a pick. As a developer, our duty is to provide applications with the best performance and innovative features. To achieve this, the developer must follow certain standards in the application development process. In this article, you will find…
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Basics of Create ML and Turi Create

ML and Turi-01 blog image

In WWDC 2018, Apple unveiled some of the most advanced technological achievements in the field of Machine Learning by adding capabilities to train custom ML models with the help of Xcode and other available tools. Apple basically introduced two ways to train custom ML models, one of which is Create ML and another one is…
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