Introduction to NopCommerce CMS with configuration


1. Background

NopCommerce is a rich-feature eCommerce platform using it one can develop interactive eCommerce websites.

It is one of the best open-source eCommerce platforms. It is capable to support both individual entrepreneurs as well as large businesses.


2. Introduction and Features of NopCommerce

2.1.  History

Nop is an open source eCommerce solution.Developed with ASP.NET MVC 4.0 and database used is SQL Server – 2008. Its development was started in year 2008 by Andrei Mazulnitsyn in Russia. It’s launched officially in month October 2008 for small and medium sized businesses. During 2010-2011, nop reached final of Packt Open Source E-Commerce Award. It was listed in top 20 most downloaded applications by Microsoft Web Platform Installer.  nopCommerce

2.2.  Demo

One can access Nop demo store online without any configuration and installation. It will give you an insight to the rich features and functionality provided by nopCommerce, Hence, keep it open.

2.3.  Features

It is a rich-feature eCommerce solution.

1)      Mobile commerce2)      Multi-store

3)      Multi-vendor support

4)      Product features

5)      Search engine optimization

6)      Checkout

7)      Marketing

8)      Payment methods

9)      Shipping features

10)   Tax features

11)   Customer service

12)   Secure


1. Mobile commerce – It has many well-designed responsive templates which scale up-down appropriately and show appropriate content optimized for all kind of devices and browsers.

2. Multi-store – It allows user to run more than one store with exclusive domains and then manage all of them from nopCommerce admin panel.

3. Multi-vendor support – It allows multiple vendors to sell on your eCommerce website such like an Amazon. Various products from several independent vendors can be viewed in a common product catalog and your online customers can shop at one web store from any of the vendor as per choice.

4. Product features – It has reached a level where if you are not providing a WOW experience to your customer, you are losing sale. An online shopper expects an ecommerce store to provide a global standard.

5. Search engine optimization – SEO is must to increase the visibility of your website in search results. NopCommerce provides a comprehensive SEO out of the box.

6. Checkout – NopCommerce by default supports well-designed checkout options that are used by most of the eCommerce website these days “Anonymous checkout” and “One-page checkout”.

7. Marketing – NopCommerce offers a variety of popular marketing features sucha as “Reward Points System”, “Discounts and Coupons”, “supports news, forums, polls, blog, and custom pages (topics)”, “Gift Card”, “Product Review and Ratings”, “Affiliate program”, etc. to run marketing campaigns on your eCommerce website.

8. Payment methods – NopCommerce is integrated with more than 50 payment methods and gateways hence gives your customers a freedom to pay the way they wish to pay. Nop is accepting most of all major debit cards and credit cards.

9. Shipping features – A well-designed tools which allows an owner to cater their customers throughout the globe.

10. Tax features – It allows to assign tax to order category wise and country/ state wise.

11. Customer service – It offers some great customer service tools by default such as “External authentication”, “Wish List”, “RTL support”, “Customer attributes”, “GDPR support”, “Security and permissions”, “Live chat integration”, etc., which can help you, provide High-Quality Customer Experience.

12. Secure – NopCommerce is PCI-DSS compliant. Hence, you can rest assured that software powering your eCommerce website is safe, secure, and well equipped in handling your customer’s information and financial transactions.

3. Configuration and Installation of NopCommerce

It is very easy to download and install nopCommerce on your computer or local machine. Just follow the following steps step-by-step in mentioned sequence.

3.1.  First Step: Download Latest version

  • Visit nopCommerce website and click on “download” tab and then click on “Download nopCommerce” option. You will reach the nopCommerce Download page.


  • Choose the first option that says “nopCommerce 4.00 – Source code” and download the nopCommerce setup to your computer.


  • After downloading the nopCommerce setup file, extract the file.


3.2.  Second Step: Load Installation Screen

  • After extracting open the nopCommerce Setup in Visual Studio.


  • Once the Visual Studio is open, wait for the Solution to load. For installation then click on “Nop Web” right click on “Presentation”. Click on Internet explorer button in the middle. It will open up browser and will load installation screen of nopCommerce.




3.3.  Third Step: Create Database to Install

  • To create a database for nopCommerce installation open SQL Server Management Studio. After opening right click on “Database” folder and then left click on the “New Database” option to create a new database where the nopCommerce will be installed.



  • Now name your Database (as per your choice) over here we are using the name “testdatabase” and then click “Ok” at the bottom. It will create a new database entry and also without tables.



3.4.  Fourth Step: Completing Installation

  • After creating the database go back to the nopCommerce installation screen and fill in the required field to create an Administrator Then check the box for “Create Sample Data”. Now, select “Database” radio-button “Use SQL Server (or SQL Express) database [Recommended]”. Then, select radio-button of “Connecting string” option “Enter SQL connection value”.

Important Note: Please make sure you note down Administrator credential, as they will be needed to make changes to your eCommerce website.


  • After this, you need to fill the database information for the database we created in the SQL Server Management Studio. From Server Management Studio credential screen; name of server should be obtained to obtain. The Database name is the one we created “testdatabase”. In the next fields, use the credentials that you use for your SQL Server Management Studio software.


  • After all the above fields are filled properly click the button “Install” and the nopCommerce will be installed on your computer.



  • To confirm the installation, go back to SQL Server Management Studio and refresh it, you find all the tables installed during the nopCommerce installation process listed under the newly created database table folder.


  • To access your administrator panel for your eCommerce website to go back to the browser and click on “login” and then enter the “Administrator credential” that you used during the installation process. Now, access Admin panel and do customize your store as per your requirements.




4. Summary

Compared to other open source e-commerce solutions, project structure of nopCommerce is well organized, highly scalable and easy to customize. One of the best things about nopCommerce is that it is “Free” and there are no hidden fees or any other traps. Its best fits today’s highly competitive business environment. It is a robust eCommerce platform, which provides to everyone needs.


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