Google Cloud Print using API

Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print (GCP) is a service that enables you to print from any web-connected device. Google Cloud Print routes print jobs between your pc, smartphone, or tablet and sends them to an Internet-connected printer. The service additionally permits users to simply discover printers and print from their own device without the need for complex setup and driver installation.

The following diagram shows the various ways that Google Cloud Print works. Once users in your organization submit a print job, the Cloud Print service routes that job to the selected printer and formats it appropriately. Cloud Print works best with cloud-ready printers; however, it can work in parallel with nearly any existing print solution with the installation of Google Cloud Print Connector.

The setup you choose depends on the kind of printer you have.

Google cloud printSetup Google Print:

Note: Only Google Chrome Browser used to map Printer with Google Account.


1. Login to Google in Google Chrome.

2. Open this URL [chrome://devices/] in new tab. Now you can see screen like below image. Now, click on ‘Add printer’.

Google cloud print3. It will redirect to new screen like below. Just unselect other option and then click on ‘Add Printer(s)’. Here you can select more than one printer but our API will work on any one of that printer.

Google cloud print4. After that, it will redirect to you ‘Thank You’ Page. By clicking on ‘Manage your Printers’ you can see all registered Printer with Google Cloud Print.

Google cloud print5. Now, open this URL You can see screen like below. Select ‘Yes/No’ in first Radio Button Group based on your interest. Select ‘Yes’ in second Radio Button Group and click ‘AGREE AND CONTINUE’.

Google cloud print6. It will redirect you to Google Cloud Platform Dashboard.

Google cloud print7. Now, Click on ‘3 Bar Icon’ on left Side. It will open sidebar. Then open API & Services > Dashboard. It will redirect to Dashboard of API & Services.

Google cloud print8. Click on ‘Create Project’.

Google cloud print9. Click on ‘Create’.

Google cloud print10. Enter Project Name and click on Create.

Google cloud print11. It will redirect you to Dashboard with lots of enabled API.

Google cloud print12. Click on Credentials from Sidebar.

Google cloud print13. Then, click on Create Credentials. It will display dropdown. Select first Option ‘API key’.

Google cloud print14. It will display auto-generated API Key. Just save it in notepad or any other file for future reference.

Google cloud print15. Now, Click on Create Credentials. Select second Option ‘OAuth client ID’. It will open new screen.

Google cloud print16. Select ’Web Application’ Radio Option. Enter Client Name and click on Submit. Other textboxes are optional.

Google cloud print17. After that, it will display Pop up Box with Client ID and Client Secret. Save it to notepad file.

Google cloud print18. Now select ‘OAuth consent screen’ and enter ‘Homepage URL’. Put empty other text boxes and Save it.

Google cloud printDone. You did good job. You can use those Client ID and Client Secret to your code for Google Cloud Print.

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