Guide to PowerShell Automation Scripting for Successful DevOps

PowerShell Automation Scripting

DevOps word itself describes its definition: Dev stands for Development and Ops stands for Operations. When Dev and Ops are merged in one single term where the software development engineer and System Administrator / Server Operation Engineer work across the entire application life cycle, it forms DevOps. So in this concept, System Administrator / Server…
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GDPR: Are You Prepared?


Only a few days left before the GDPR takes effect. It’s time to ensure that your company is GDPR complaint before the May 2018 deadline. There’s a lot in the compliance which is a game changer for every business. The General Data Protection Regulation compliance is a digital privacy regulation that is to be effective…
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8 Ways to Prevent SQL Injection Attacks

SQL injection

According to my previous blog, SQL injection attacks can affect your codes adversely. Well, it is rightly said that “Prevention Is Better Than Cure”. Here is how the SQL injection attack can be prevented. In order to prevent SQL injection, the characters that are a matter of concern primarily are the double quote, single quote, and…
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SQL Injection Attack – Explained

SQL Injection Attack

SQL query is a trusted command! The biggest lie believed by the web developers when they are unaware of the ways to tamper the queries. Basically, SQL queries are able to get around the access controls and bypass standard authentication checks and offer access to the host operating system level commands. A technique that lets…
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