Mobile Cloud App Vs Native App – Know the Difference!

Cloud App vs Native App

Let’s Talk Managed Mobility! Today, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices have become the preferred devices for personal computing, information gathering, and entertainment. We see millions of applications have been created and introduced to the world. There has been a constant debate about which mobile apps are better – mobile cloud applications or native apps….
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Image Processing in iOS – A Detailed Insight

Image Processing in iOS

It is an extraordinary feeling when you take the best selfie, but what if you can make it even more spectacular by doing some instant changes. Well, here comes the major entry of Image processing in iOS. Image processing in iOS is all about a method to perform some operations on an image, in order…
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Core ML and Machine Learning in iOS

core ML and machine learning

Core ML enables app to use Machine Learning models with less power consumption, efficient processing speed and low memory usage. Core ML supports various models including neural networks, tree ensembles, support vector machines, generalized linear models, feature engineering and pipeline models. However, all of the models need to be converted to .mlmodel file extension. Basically,…
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Learning Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a type of Artificial Intelligence that provide computers the ability to learn or to improve without being explicitly programmed. Instead of writing a brand new algorithm, machine learning tools enable systems to develop and refine algorithms, by finding patterns in huge amounts of data. It focuses on the development of computer programs…
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Kotlin vs Java. What to choose?

Kotlin vs Java

Where Kotlin really takes off is tackling more inherent issues with Java. Kotlin has more than a few pros that improve Android development and app performance, including: It’s Android-focused : Kotlin was written by the same folks who created popular integrated design environments (IDEs), so its background comes from mobile industry pros who were looking…
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