Unit testing in Android

Android unit testing

For any software development testing is an important phase where one has to check the stability and reliability of the software. Testing can be done in two different ways: Manual testing: Time consuming and tedious: Since test cases are executed by human, it is very slow and tedious. Huge resources required: More testers are required…
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Introduction to NopCommerce CMS with configuration


1. Background NopCommerce is a rich-feature eCommerce platform using it one can develop interactive eCommerce websites. It is one of the best open-source eCommerce platforms. It is capable to support both individual entrepreneurs as well as large businesses. 2. Introduction and Features of NopCommerce 2.1.  History Nop is an open source eCommerce solution.Developed with ASP.NET…
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Introduction to InterFAX


Introduction: InterFAX is an online commercial subscription-based fax services that allows developers to integrate fax services to send and receive fax very easily and cost-effectively. It accepts files in all office formats. It is the only electronic fax company, which is 100 % PCI compliant. Interfax providing many ways to integrate fax in your application….
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XPath in Selenium WebDriver


Locators In Selenium automation, Locators are used to locating the elements on webpages but very often it has been observed that either multiple matching elements are located or not even any element is located. So, in order to accurately locate the elements on the webpage, the XPath locator is used. There are different types of…
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